Balance Is The Key To Life

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Balance is the Key to Life

What does it truly mean to have balance in your life?

 Having balance in your life is like driving on the road. There is a set speed limit, however, this does not mean that you drive at only that speed limit regardless of the current situations you face and what is going on around you.  If there is traffic, you are not going to plow through all the cars to maintain the speed limit…at least I hope not. There are moments when you have to speed up and moments when it is necessary to slow down.  It is important to know when to stop and when to go. This is life.

So often in life situations cannot be planned.  You have a starting point and a destination and what occurs in between is not always in your control.  So what do we do?

In life it is impossible to control or predict all that will occur, however we do have the ability to control our own actions and thoughts.  When we are able to know ourselves and able to keep ourselves in check, suddenly the twists and turns in life become more bearable and you gain a sense of peace…a sense of being steadfast.   When you know yourself, you become solid – rooted – and you are not so easily taken with every direction the wind blows, you are not easily shaken when an obstacle stands before you, and you are not broken when you suddenly lose direction; because the most powerful GPS system is inside of you.  It is so important to remain flexible and to move with the situations that occur in your life.  When you are open and flexible and life hands you a surprise you can face it head on and quickly look around you to see the best direction to move.  Every human on this earth has this ability, but it is up to us to keep the power on.

Way before we are born, good and bad existed, and each leads you down the corresponding “road.”  Following the road of good principle, means staying on the good road regardless of what circumstances you are in; it is important to remember that you cannot and should not try to avoid traffic, cut someone off, become distracted while driving…this is bad principle…if you follow the road and stay on the road of good principle then you will find balance.  Whether you choose to stay on the good or bad road, the answer is inside of you. If, you follow the good road you will achieve balance and you will reach the correct destination.

Remember, that life is an ever-changing, ever-moving, ever-transforming existence; therefore, searching for a static point or goal of balance or perfection does not exist.  Finding balance is a constant and dynamic process.

So, the next time you come across an unexpected or uncomfortable situation remember that you are your own guard…you have the ability and the power to determine the correct or incorrect way to go about the situation, the best way to react, and how the situation or person is going to affect you.  If you let yourself become crippled, because it was not “part of your plan,” you will be that much easier to break due to the fact that you have made yourself rigid.  By remaining flexible and open, you are able to see more options and you are better able to choose the correct one.    This is the challenge and the beauty of life.  We may be susceptible to a myriad of things that could happen but we also have the ability to maintain power over ourselves, to plug into the wisdom of the world around us and make the correct decisions in life.

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  1. Jennelle, Your words are strength, comfort, wisdom and peace to me and come at a perfect time for me. I was deeply hurt by someone I looked up to and depended on. Reading your words made me realize I should never depend on anyone for my own inner peace or happiness only God can give me that not another human being. You are an awesome extremely intelligent women who is an inspiration to me. You will always be an inspiration to me. Thank you for all you do, your wisdom passed to us and for your products. You are a blessing, a bright light in this world, a guide to cut through hurt and come out stronger.

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