How To Rise Above Negativity…

By on Apr 15, 2013 in Blog, Life

 Recently I received the following question, which I responded to using the principles that have been passed down to me.  I wanted to be able to share this with you all…

Q: Because of where I work, I’m surrounded by stress and oftentimes, negative-minded people. Despite my best intentions to stay positive and centered throughout the day, I can’t help but let their toxic behavior affect my own. How do I not let their negativity affect my normally good mood?photo-29

A: Society has so much negativity, yet it also has much positivity. Negative and positive are always present; just like day cannot exist without night and good cannot exist without bad…this is the principle of yin and yang.  Negativity cannot affect you, overpower you and cause you stress and anxiety, so long as you have purity and are grounded.  When you are grounded and pure you find inner peace in any situation. When you achieve inner peace, which is a constant process of purifying yourself when living in our daily world, you are not affected by either negativity of positivity…life is no longer a roller coaster, because you are able to have constant peace and security.

In order to purify yourself you must clean up your invisible mirror so that you can see clearly. You purify, balance, and gain perspective by always being aware and regularly asking yourself the following questions: Who am I?  Where am I going?  Are the actions, emotions, and interactions in my life consistent with a good life?  Have I been here before? Was the result good or bad?

By regularly and deliberately asking yourself these questions as you go about your daily life, your ability to clearly see yourself increases. You regularly check yourself to see who you are and where you are going.  Do your actions match your good intentions?

When you take a deliberate look at yourself, you have to look at everything, even those things you wish you did not have to see.  Those are usually the things that hold you back from achieving the destiny that lies along the path of the good road.  Learn to look at yourself, and you will realize that YOU CHOOSE to be bad or good, to be affected by positivity or negativity.  When you look within yourself, you make the proper choices, and the more consistently you do so, the more secure you become. If you read about it in a book, you gain knowledge; if you live it in practice, you gain wisdom.

It is also so important to learn how to balance with society, not wait for society to balance with you, as this will be a never-ending cycle of up and down.  You choose whether to be good or bad, or whether to be affected by negativity or positivity. The choice is yours.

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