Why Have A Why? ~ Becoming a Legacy of Goodness

By on Jun 11, 2015 in Inspiration, Life, Motivation, Positivity

Good Seeds

If you were to pass on tomorrow, how will you be remembered?


Often we reflect in life thinking, “what is my reason for doing what I am doing…what is my why?”  So, what exactly is a why?

Why is a purpose, something good and positive that has been left on for those around you and future generations to endure upon.

My mentor always taught me, life is a challenge to achieve something great or not. The choice is yours. You can make yourself good or you can make yourself bad, this choice is inside of you.  If you have time to blame someone or something for where you stand in your life, use that time to become better. Once you become better you will have nothing to blame because you are better.  This is one of the greatest ways to achieve success of life.

There are 2 choices in this lifetime:

1.  To follow the road of positivity and good purpose

2.  To follow the road of negativity or bad purpose

Those who follow a negative road become “rotten fruits.”  “Rotten Fruits” are those people who follow the wrong path; they do not lead a life of purpose and principle and ultimately lead a life of failure. They do not pass down a good legacy and are of no value for future generations. Those who follow a positive road become “good seeds” in this lifetime and endure and spread hope to future generations.

One of the strongest principles for all human beings to live by is to leave something good behind for future generations.

I am one of these people who wishes to achieve this in my lifetime.

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